At CESISP, we aim to foster closer collaboration among the research community, industry, and institutions to enhance knowledge sharing and transfer.

The objective of applied economic research at CESISP is to aid policy-making and more effectively communicate policy goals to the public. Through our programs and activities, we pursue diverse aims, notably contributing to the examination of economic, managerial, and regulatory facets in our areas of expertise.

We are dedicated to promoting cooperation and scientific exchanges with scholars and international institutions, and disseminating rigorous studies and analyses of strategic importance. Our primary aim is to gain international recognition as a hub for creating and disseminating impactful research, supporting organizations, and educating both students and executives.

CESISP specializes in a range of areas, including energy policy, sustainability, efficiency of public utilities, energy poverty and access, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and the circular economy. The center emphasizes its expertise in economics, regulation, and other related fields, all with a central focus on sustainability. At CESISP, our goal is to nurture closer ties among the research community, industry, and institutions, thereby promoting enhanced knowledge sharing and transfer.

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