CESISP research delves into the intricacies of today’s economic, environmental, and societal challenges. Our extensive research topics encompass a broad spectrum, from the complexities of Financial Taxonomy and ESG to the vital considerations surrounding energy access. We undertake significant research into energy markets and their nuanced regulations, with an eye on sustainable energy practices and policies.

Waste management, a critical component of urban planning and environmental sustainability, is also an area of keen interest. We explore the entire lifecycle of waste, aiming to optimize processes, enhance overall efficiency, and promote both economic viability and environmental performance.

Our studies dive deep into the realm of public services, assessing their regulation and pinpointing opportunities to enhance their efficiency. By integrating expertise from various sectors, including institutional, industrial, and associative, we foster an enriched and ongoing dialogue with the wider scientific community.

This holistic approach not only ensures that our research remains at the cutting edge but also positions us to proactively respond to the continually evolving challenges of our era. At CESISP, our overarching goal is to refine and improve regulatory frameworks while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration, producing research that is both impactful and transformative.

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