smart meters

Smart metering projects: an interpretive framework for successful implementation

The energy sector has significantly changed in recent years and has introduced new challenges, especially for policymakers and distribution system operators (DSOs). Among other challenges, there is the management of the smart metering (SM; abbreviation also used for smart meter) technologies and their rollout. Several SM implementation projects have been initiated throughout Europe because of the EU directive on energy efficiency 2012/27/EC and priors. No wonder that scholars and industry

Meter-ON steering the implementation of smart meters

Executive Summary The analysis of the Smart Meter projects identified in the framework of WP1, “Collection”, is a necessary step to reach the goal of the Meter-ON Project, which is establishing guidelines for the implementation of smart metering solutions. In this document, a topic-based analysis is performed by different task for each project. Each task addresses a specific set of information domains, which is shown in the following: Technological Analysis: