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Introduction to Tariff method for municipal solid waste managements

The recognized costs are only those pertaining to the integrated management of waste: complex of activities aimed at optimizing the management of waste, that is to say the collection, transport, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste, including the control of these operations , control of landfills after closure, sweeping and street washing activities, as well as management of tariffs and relations with users.
Exclusion from the scope of the recognized costs of charges attributable to activities outside the urban and assimilated waste management cycle, such as for example sweeping and snow clearing, rodent control, public green management, etc.
The assessment of the charges attributable to activities outside the urban and similar waste management cycle is left to the territorially competent administrations in order not to introduce discontinuity in the process of monitoring and recovery of costs. Any charges included in the tariff charges, but not related to the activities included in the perimeter, must be indicated separately
The total tariff revenue of reference (TARI 2020-2021) for the management of the waste cycle is given by the sum of the revenues covering the fixed costs and the variable costs recognized by the Authority in continuity with the d.P.R. n. 158/99 and determined according to criteria of efficiency, as well as transparency and homogeneity proceeding to a reclassification of the charges attributable to the individual activities of the integrated cycle
Methodology that, following the attribution criteria between domestic and non-domestic users – criteria that continue, at least for the time being, in continuity with the current legislation – makes it possible to determine the structure of the fees in accordance with tables 1a, 1b, 2 , 3a, 3b, 4a and 4b of the aforementioned Presidential Decree n. 158/99
Setting of the defined tariff calculation to favor an application in reasonably short times, and in any case compatible with those provided for by the current legislation for the adjustments of the TARI tariffs of the sector (December 31, 2019)

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