End of protection: brief considerations on the competitive paradigm of the Italian electricity market

Many of the analyzes that accompanied the debate on the “end of protection” of the electricity market start from a correct and acceptable assumption: that is, that the free market should allow for more than nine million electricity users, currently subject to the “protection” regime, more economic conditions advantageous. To support this thesis, many studies […]

conference energy regulation

(Italiano) I nuovi modelli tariffari individuali (Totex), i nuovi assetti peer to peer previsti dal quarto pacchetto, l’incremento di procedure collettive cicliche che impongono la raccolta e il processamento di sistemi di dati sempre più complessi, enfatizzano la necessità di assetti che supportino la regolazione dell’energia e dell’ambiente nell’utilizzo più efficiente delle scarse risorse a disposizione.

Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Certificates as Drivers for Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects

The efficiency of policies in steering the implementation of energy efficiency (EE) projects has multiple implications including economic opportunity such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, security of supply, technological development opportunity for industry. One of the key new instruments foreseen to support EE improvements is the EE certificate (EEC). Focusing on the industrial business […]

Smart metering projects: an interpretive framework for successful implementation

The energy sector has significantly changed in recent years and has introduced new challenges, especially for policymakers and distribution system operators (DSOs). Among other challenges, there is the management of the smart metering (SM; abbreviation also used for smart meter) technologies and their rollout. Several SM implementation projects have been initiated throughout Europe because of […]

Competition Policy in the New Electricity Market: emerging issues from Clean Energy Package

New research project focused on the Competition Policy in the New Electricity Market: emerging issues from Clean Energy Package. Focal points are: New regulatory framework for renewbles; Determinants of new competition framework and appraisal of risk areas and non market conducts; Evaluation of market analysis tools: identification of ex ante ed ex post remedies.  

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