Online: Integrated waste cycle regulation and ARERA functions. By Prof. A. Benedetti

The paper offers a first reflection on the regulatory functions of ARERA, with reference to the urban waste management system. The starting point is represented by the analysis of the connection with the general law n. 481/1995, which governs the regulatory tasks of ARERA also in the different sectors of water, energy and gas. Then the study is directed to draw the boundary lines of the new regulatory tasks both with reference to the administrations with direction and planning tasks (central administration and regions), and to municipal administrations (urban waste service providers) and local government bodies (where established), called to organize the service itself. The question of the boundaries of regulation also emerges in relation to the object and the powers exercisable by ARERA, towards an increase in the efficiency of the service, as well as the achievement of a more homogeneous level of user protection, at national level.


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Benedetti, A. (2019). La regolazione del ciclo integrato dei rifiuti e il ruolo dell’ARERA [Integrated waste cycle regulation and ARERA functions] . ECONOMIA PUBBLICA(2), 103-120.

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