clean energy package

Clean energy package

(Italiano) Il CESISP fornisce consulenza strategiche e mirane inerenti le principali prospettive derivanti dal pacchetto clima energia – Clean Energy Package.

Wind energy plants repowering potential in Italy: technical-economic assessment

In many countries, pioneers in wind plants installation during the last decades of XX century, there is a progressive shortage of land based sites suitable for new wind farms and, at the same time, many installed wind turbines are reaching the end-of-life. Three options can be considered for a wind plant at the end-of-life: the decommissioning, the revamping and the repowering. The main advantages of the repowering option are the


New research project focused on the Competition Policy in the New Electricity Market: emerging issues from Clean Energy Package. Focal points are: New regulatory framework for renewbles; Determinants of new competition framework and appraisal of risk areas and non market conducts; Evaluation of market analysis tools: identification of ex ante ed ex post remedies.