New Alitalia crisis and the extraordinary administration (2017-2018)

This note represents the update to the period of Alitalia’s commissioner and the attempt to sell the carrier of a previous study carried out in the middle of the year 2017. It therefore covers the period 2017 – the first part of 2018 and aims to analyze the reasons that led to the aggravation of the Alitalia crisis and the commissioner. It also intends to analyze, as far as possible, given the lack of official information, the economic-financial situation of the carrier, the prospects for resolving the crisis and the preferable strategies for public decision makers with a view to safeguarding the company’s dimensions over time. capacity to offer sustainable economic conditions and employment levels. The note was prepared as part of the studies on air transport conducted at the CESISP Study Center of the Bicocca University of Milan and uses the information available as of 30.4.2017. It will be updated according to the future availability of relevant data and information.


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