The CESISP research center is resolutely dedicated to addressing the complex challenges associated with achieving a sustainable energy system. This comes in light of pressing concerns such as rising import dependence, the urgency of diversifying our energy mix, volatile energy prices, surging energy demands, and the looming threats posed by climate change. True sustainability necessitates confronting the challenges of decarbonization, making marked advances in energy efficiency, and capitalizing on the potential opportunities presented by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in our energy portfolio.

At CESISP, our research breadth encompasses a plethora of energy-related subjects, including energy security, the vital task of meeting decarbonization targets, and the dual challenges of energy poverty and accessibility.

Central to our research ethos is a focus on the economics and regulation of the energy market. Our seasoned experts probe into diverse topics ranging from renewable energy sources, decarbonization strategies, and advancements in energy efficiency, to innovations in clean energy technologies, sustainable mobility paradigms, the nuances of gas distribution, strategies for universal energy access, and the journey towards realizing a net-zero energy footprint.

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