Efficient industry: firms’ opportunities in energy transition

The energy transition for industrial sector is not limited to a reduction in energy consumption: the real issue is to combine sustainability with growth, by mixing two ingredients, not always compatible, the rational energy use and the increase in production. The Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC) and the New Green Deal have the goal to promote an economic development as well as the environment and social inclusion.
RSE has investigated the role of the National Plan “Impresa 4.0” (currently “Transizione 4.0”) as a measure to promote the energy transition, analysing whether and how is it possible to combine economic development with energy efficiency.
National Plan initially “Industria 4.0” was developed to increase the competitiveness of industrial sector, but, progressively, it was also used to promote energy efficiency and sustainability.
A new approach oriented to “efficiency” was created: not only “energy efficiency” and “energy saving”, but “overall system efficiency”.
It means further increase in energy savings and an ‘’ optimization” of production, environmental performances, water and soil consumption and, finally, personnel safety.
The impact of these interventions on energy performance was estimated from the evaluation and analysis of actual projects and from interviews and discussions with the operators. Finally, the PNIEC targets were confronted with the results of the impact evaluation, also considering the barriers still to be overcome

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