Management and training of the pablic sector

The administrative simplification is intended as a rethinking of work processes and optimization of administrative requirements in favor of businesses and citizens. Simplify the administrative activity, involves the creation and continuous updating of new skills within the public sector: these skills are a first implementing brick of a new managerial class. The University of Milano-Bicocca, through the master degree in management of public services, utilities and mobility invites some intelligences of the public and private system to think about the possible training model and innovative proposals aimed at ensuring the generational turnover and continuous professional updating of public and ministration and utilities managers. 


  • Alfredo Marra – Pro-rector of administrative simplification, Arturo Patarnello – Director Di.SEA.DE, University of Milano-Bicocca. Introductory greetings
  • Stefano Lucchini – Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication, Intesa Sanpaolo Group. As a ruling class for Italy
  • Francois Lafarge – Senior lecturer at ENA – The ENA model and new PA training drivers
  • Stefano Battini – President Sabrina Bandera – President’s Office Coordinator – SNA. The SNA model and the Italian experience
  • Paolo Panerai CEO – CEO and Editor in Chief Class Editori Spa Title TBA
  • Stefano Parisi: Promoter Operational Plan Rebuild.  Prospects and duties of the future public ruling class
  • Massimo Beccarello – Director CESISP. The green new deal and the efficiency of public administration
  • Cesare Vaciago, Cinzia Vallone – Master Management of Public Services, Utilities and Mobility. The Bicocca Master as a part of a public/private training system

Coordinates the work: Cinzia Vallone – Director of the Master’s Degree Program

Organization and info: Giacomo Di Foggia


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