How to fully implement the European Legislation on Energy communities in Italy


July 17  2020 – 10.30-12.30

In late 2020 it will be possible to set up energy communities in Italy on the basis of the experimental legislation introduced by the so-called Decree Milleproroghe; moreover, by June 30, 2021, the Italian Government will have to adopt the final legislation on energy communities, transposing the regulation of renewable energy communities contained in Directive 2018/2001/EU and the regulation of citizens’ energy communities contained in Directive 2019/944/EU. In this Webinar we want to provoke a discussion between the world of research, public authorities and the business world in order to conceive the optimal Italian law on energy communities.


Massimo Beccarello, Director, CESISP – Professor, Milano-Bicocca University, Introduces and moderates.
Emanuele Cusa, Scientific Committee, CESISP – Professor, Milano-Bicocca University, Presentation of the research Sustainable development, active citizenship and energy communities (download the study).


Gianni Pietro Girotto, President, Commission 10a (Industry, Commerce, Tourism), Senate of the Republic.
Clara Poletti, Component College, ARERA.
Sara Romano, Director General, Directorate General for Energy Supply, Efficiency and Competitiveness, MISE.
Luca Dainotti, Director General, Directorate General for Local Authorities, Mountains and Small Municipalities, Lombardy Region.
Luigi Mazzocchi, Director, Generation Technologies and Materials Department, RSE.
Rudi Rienzner, Managing Director, Federazione Energia Alto Adige.
Marco Gazzino, Director, Innovation and Sustainability, Enel X.

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