Ministry of Ecological Transition

Agreement CESISP – Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITE)

Evaluation and analysis of the state of implementation of the procedures for the assignment of gas distribution services and analysis of the concessions inherent in the electricity distribution networks

Among other activities, the agreement between CESISP and the General Directorate of Infrastructure and Security Energy and Geomining Systems of MITE foresees the the following activities:

  • Overall design of information collection initiatives through surveys and data analysis based on the needs of criticality assessments that emerged shared by a special working group established between the DGISSEG and CESISP.
  • Comparison of the most suitable evaluation and analysis strategies for conveying the disciplinary contents in the various organizational networks of the tender procedures;
  • Coordination between the initiatives addressed to the working group aimed at an overall “taking charge” of the Project;
  • Detailed design of the data collection process and consequent analysis;
  • Communication initiative aimed at operators and institutional subjects in the sector of the results of the research activity in compliance with the regulations in force regarding privacy and data processing.
  • Analysis of the concessions of the electricity distribution service and the consistency of the same networks.
  • Economic analysis and evaluation
  • Regulatory analysis


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