Regulation of municipal waste management service: a first assessment, models and proposals based on preliminary guidelines


Introductory Greetings
Prof. Arturo Patarnello – Director of the Department Di.SEA.DE
Dr. Livia Pomodoro, President of the Scientific Committee BASE University of Milan-Bicocca

Regulation of the urban waste management service: an initial assessment, models and proposals on the basis of the preliminary guidelines.
Dr. Giacomo Di Foggia and Prof. Massimo Beccarello – CESISP University of Milan-Bicocca

Circular Economy, investments and growth: the point of view of a financial operator.
Dott. Massimiano Tellini and Dott.ssa Laura Campanini – Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.

First evaluations of sector operators

Mr. Filippo Brandolini – Chairman of Herambiente
Mr. Paolo Peveraro – Chairman of Iren Spa
Mr. Fulvio Roncari – Chairman of A2A Ambiente
Mr. Roberto Sancinelli – Chairman Montello S.p.A.
Prof. Giovanni Valotti – Chairman Utilitalia
Prof. Luciano Salomoni – CESISP University of Milan-Bicocca coordinates the works of the Panel.

The role and prerogatives of local authorities

Raffaele Cattaneo – Councillor for Environment and Climate, Lombardy Region
Paola Gazzolo – Councillor for Soil Defence and Environmental Policies, Emilia Romagna Region
Sergio Abramo – Mayor, Municipality of Catanzaro
Prof. Giovanni Cocco – CESISP University of Milano-Bicocca coordinates the works of the Panel.
Ing. Stefano Besseghini – President of ARERA

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