Published the instant paper on waste treatment facilites need in Italy for policy makink

With the new EU/2018/851 and EU/2018/852 Directives, Europe has taken global leadership in the circular economy. Alongside the planned measures for environmental sustainability, the Circular Economy package certainly represents an important driver of technological change in the production and consumption processes of the Member States.
On 7 August last, the Council of Ministers definitively approved the four legislative decrees of the “circular economy package” with which Directive 2008/98/EC on waste and Directive 1994/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste are amended and updated.

The paper recalls the legal-administrative aspects related to the issue of plant endowment and planning, after the introduction to the methodological aspects of the analysis, the indicators, the phases of analysis and the data used the document sets out and comments on the results in relation to the waste treatment capacity at regional level and the national and regional planning activity so that the regions converge on the levels of best performers including some environmental policy implications and concludes


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